CP Valley Builders~ FAQ
Sonoma Valley Renovation, Restoration, Remodel and Design

How long have you been in business? We have been in business in Sonoma County, California for 25 years.

Do you provide a list of references? A list is always updated and available upon request .

Are you licensed and insured? Yes, we are licensed by State Contractors Board, and carry Workmen's Compensation, Contractors Bond and Liability as required.

How many jobs do you manage at once? The quality of execution on our jobs is of upmost importance, and for that reason we do not undertake more than two primary projects at one time.

Do you charge for estimates? We do not charge for estimates.

We do not, however, enter into a contract with you based on an estimate but rather on the basis of a fixed price bid; a specific price for a specific list of things to be done in an agreed manner. Depending on the scope of the project, there may be a charge to asemble this information for you. Written insurance estimates usually require a charge.

Which remodel projects bring the best return on investment? According to the November issue of 'Remodeling' magazine, a minor kitchen remodel will return 102% of your investment within one year of project completion. Next is the bathroom addition at 92% within the first year followed by a major kitchen remodel at 90%. Of course, the enjoyment of these improvements in your home is an additional return for you.